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Carbon Steel Straight Razor

Black Powder Coated Straight Razor Blade with sleek wood handle and Brass Collars

This beautiful High Carbon Steel Straight razor was designed by us and made to our exalting standards. With a matte black, powdered coated carbon steel razor blade, you’ll be guarateed a very close shave. We only recommend this razor for the VERY experienced shaver and utmost care must be taken before use.

The thin blade edge produces a clean, close cut of the beard hair to ensure a good shave.

Hollow ground blade allows for a sharp, thin blade edge in turn producing a clean, close cut of the beard hair.

The Carbon Steel blade is pliable, yet durable enabling the edge of the blade to be maintained more easily versus the much more rigid stainless steel.

The dark pakkawood handle has some lovely grain which really makes this straight razor a must for your collection.

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6 reviews for Straight Razor – Carbon Steel by Manly Stuff

  1. Chuck

    Absolutely beautiful. It arrived shave ready and is fantastic build quality. It got to New York in less than a week, that’s impressive! Manly Stuff included a free strop worth like $30. It’s getting a bit of getting used to but would really recommend.

  2. Conor

    Looks the business and sharp as hell. The fine blade makes it easy to cut those annoying awkward hairs.


      Great to hear Conor, thank you!

  3. Jim

    Very slick razor, sharp as anything, still holding it’s blade and haven’t had to strop yet, very impressive for the price.

  4. Joseph E.

    I really want to make this review as objective as I can. So I have three aspect of the razor in which I want too make comments about. 1. As far as appearance go this if a very nice razor I really liked the black powdered coat over the blade which I hope will give some protection against rust. 2. There is a nice weight to the razor and the handle(scales) really is nice. There is just the right amount of tension in pivot pen so when the blade is extended it gives you great control. The pivot pen appears to be made of brass or a similar alloy but the washers on the inside are not so I am not sure of its longevity. 3. The blade when I took it out of the wrapping(which was poorly wrapped) wasn’t shave ready. Which is fine; it’s not advertised as such.The bevel on the blade needs to be set and honed. I am waiting on wet stones in order to do this. I did try shave with it out of the wrapping and the blade would not shave day old stubble( I did strop the blade before attempting this). It did shave the hair on my forearm. I am hoping that after I have set the bevel and honed the blade it will work like a treat. Overall I think is is a nice blade and if someone is interested in learning to use a straight razor and wants to learn to sharpen and maintain a razor this is a good buy.

  5. Max Flanagan

  6. David B.

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