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Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

Boar Shaving Brushes are the perfect starter shaving brush

An essential part of your shave. The boar brush is slightly stiffer than badger which is a good thing as it means your hair will be standing on end, ready to be shaved off.

As they’re a bit stiffer than badger, it means it can take a lot of punishment which is great as you learn to lather.

It’s a very affordable entry level brush which will last for quite some time.

Buy yours today, you’ll be glad you did.

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A boar bristle shaving brush is the perfect beginner brush

A boar shaving brush is an essential part of the modern man’s shaving collection.



8 reviews for Boar Hair Shaving Brush

  1. Fintan

    Got the brush as part of a set, nice and firm hair, works up a great lather! Think I’ll upgrade to a badger sono.

  2. Maurice

    The quality of this brush for the price is truly exceptional.

  3. James O Connor

    Great brush, great price, great service. Manly Stuff are the best!

  4. Nicolas

    Quite stiff but did get softer after some use. Perfect starting brush.

  5. Derek

    Fantastic brush, my new go to. Purchased a razor and got a free gift too – sound!

  6. Shane L.

    Perfect for lathering up and gentle exfoliation.

  7. Ian

  8. Kneale

    The process of finding and up to receiving the goods is very easy and effective, although it is early days yet, using the product it is exactly what I wanted. Only another 20 years to go and I will tell you how durable it is and how well it has served me; I have a feeling my report will be good to smiley


      Great to hear, thank you for your custom!

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