Double Edged Stainless Steel Safety Razor – The Fatty Matte Black – Handle Chipped


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The Fatty is a Matte Black Stainless Steel Safety Razor – 180 Grams!

This surgical grade Stainless Steel Safety razors comes with a chromed brass head which means you’ll get a super close, smooth shave. A long handle, very heavy, high quality safety razor. The handle is slightly chipped but it’ll shave perfectly.

  • 180g
  • Matt Stainless Steel
  • High Quality
  • 20.5mm Diameter
  • 90mm Length
  • .030 blade gap (same as edwin jagger)


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The Fatty Safety Razor, with a short, heavy?&?chunky Stainless Steel handle and a chrome plated nickel head for extra glide.

Nice and compact, it’ll fit into your wash bag effortlessly.

The extra weight leads to an extra smooth and controlled shave.

The Fatty is a really sturdy little guy, perfect for those who like to get a good grip of things.

Especially their fatty.

Put down the cartridge razor and pick up the Safety Razor.

5 reviews for Double Edged Stainless Steel Safety Razor – The Fatty Matte Black – Handle Chipped

  1. Maurice

    Loved this little guy! Nice weight and it fits into my travel bag. Much cheaper than alternative brands but really good quality.

  2. Erik K

    Got this guy on sale, amazing value and an amazing razor! Very happy overall.

  3. John O Shea

    Excellent quality finish, better quality than a maggards razor I feel.

  4. Derek

    Very nice handle, the head is great for a beginner but not very aggressive – similar to an edwin jagger I feel. Very good value all the same.

  5. Peter C.

    Excellent piece of shaving equipment

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