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Feather Razor Blades

Use only when you have a rich, creamy lather on the face, do not use with cheap spray foam shaving gunks – they simply don’t provide sufficient lubrication for this blade.
When shaving, take your time, don’t apply pressure when using a safety razor, the weight of the head should provide the right weight for a Feather blade to do its job.

Feather Blades are surprisingly good for those with sensitive skin problems as fewer passes are needed for a close shave. Fewer passes means less irritation.

Pack of 10.

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Feather Platinum Plated Blades are the sharpest Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor Blades you can buy! Nicknamed ‘Ninja’, they are a world wide top seller.

Feather NEW HI-STAINLESS, Platinum Coated Blades are suitable for all DE Safety Razors and Dovo Shavette Disposable Blade Straight Razors.

9 reviews for Feather Platinum Plated Blades 10 Pack

  1. Dirk

    !!! Health warning !!!
    Do not use after a night out! Treat these ninjas with lots of respect, they are seriously sharp!

    These blades are made in Japan. It is said that these are the sharpest blades available. – They are definitely the sharpest blades I have used so far. – Do use with extreme caution! If you feel the blade you probably have already cut yourself…
    – The 5 blades come packaged in a plastic box. One reason why I switched to DE shaving is to avoid unnecessary plastic waste, so the box is definitely a big minus for me.
    – I find the blades a bit too sharp for me. I prefer to feel the blade on my skin. Feeling the Feather blade on my skin means to me that I have managed to get either some razor burn or a cut.
    + If you are a very experienced DE shaver and if you handle these blades with due respect they will give you the cleanest shave that you can achieve.
    + After the first shave the blades seem to dull down a tiny bit, brining the sharpness to a more manageable level. After one week of usage these blades are still extremely sharp. – I do change my blade after one week of usage.
    + Each blade comes individually wrapped in wax-paper.

    Conclusion: For my liking the blades are a little too sharp. With some more practicing and when having plenty of time at hand to handle those blades as respectfully as the need to be handled I expect to achieve an absolutely fantastic shave. – Something for Sundays and very special days, I guess…

  2. Dirk H.

    Great blades for that special Sunday-shave ;-)
    + Incredibly sharp, for the absolute best shave you can achieve

    o Made in Japan, I prefer to buy European made goods
    o These blades are ridiculously sharp. Beginners beware! I only use these blades when I am not tired, and when I need that absolute 100% perfect shave.

    – Blades dull down for me rather fast, but you would not want to use these for a full-week everyday shave anyway…
    – Plastic packaging… Cardboard would have been good enough and better for the environment.

  3. Anonymous

    All good fast delivery :)

  4. stephen

    sharp blade but would prefer if it didnt come in plastic packaging…


      Thank you for the review Stephen, yes the plastic is annoying, unfortunately they come like that from the manufacturer.

  5. Darrelle

    This is my ‘GoTo Blade’ when i am using my DE razor. Very close shave and not too agressive.

  6. behzad rahmani

  7. Keith Kelly

  8. Thomas Duffy

  9. James

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