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Derby Extra double edge razor blades. These double edge blades are chromium-ceramic, tungsten and platinum plated and fit all double edge razors.

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Derby DE Razor Blades

6 reviews for Derby Razor Blades

  1. Dirk

    My first set of DE blades that I have ever used. – I am commenting after trying out 4 different makes of blades.
    Those blades are made in Turkey and except for the packaging, these are one of my favourite blades to use.
    – The 5 blades come packaged in a plastic box. One reason why I switched to DE shaving is to avoid unnecessary plastic waste, so the box is definitely a big minus for me.
    + Nicely balanced blades in regards to sharpness. I can shave in such a manner that I can feel the blade on my skin without cutting myself, but the blades don’t pull too much on my stubbles when cutting them. By feeling the blade I do achieve a nice and close shave with no cuts.
    + After one week of usage the blade is still nicely sharp. – I do change my blade though after one week of usage.
    + Each blade comes individually wrapped in wax-paper.

    Conclusion: Great blades to use, I wish the packaging was completely paper-based / recyclable, though.

  2. Damien

  3. Anonymous

    Very pleased with these! They’re sharp but not too sharp and I find them perfect for shaving my legs.

  4. Darran W.

    Came hassle free and east to deal with

  5. Ms K.

    Bought for my husband and son. They have only tried the Derby so far and they are excellent. Fast delivery and love your products. Fabulous gifts. Many thanks.

  6. Konstantins

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