Cotton Pocket Square – Floral


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Cotton Pocket Square – Floral Design

A beautiful cotton pocket square, perfect for weddings or for adding some colour to your ensemble. Liven up your boring work jackets with this playfully colourful floral pocket square.

The perfect size to fold into a rectangle for your pocket or just bunch it up and throw it in there.

  • Other Colours Also Available
  • Dry Clean Only
  • 24cm x 24cm
  • 100% Cotton with Cotton Edges
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Pocket Squares Ireland

We pride ourselves on having the best range of Pocket Squares in Ireland. Our Pocket Square Ireland range is very fair in terms of price and excellent in terms of quality.

The use of handkerchiefs as an accessory is a very old practice that dates back to the 800’s. Today, they are as popular as ever, with many dapper men religiously adding a pocket square to their suit-and-tie outfits. We have a large collection in a range of colours and patterns to suit any modern man’s taste.


As with everything, there are some rules we can follow if we want to look our best:

    • Do not use your pocket square for anything other than decorating your jacket. Use a different handkerchief for nose blowing and mouth cleaning.
    • Combine it with the colour of the shirt or tie, but subtly. For example, if the tie is green, let the green be a secondary colour on the handkerchief.
    • Do not put your pocket square in your pocket in a way where it will bulge too much. Fold it carefully so it looks neat
  • Practice different ways of placing it in your pocket. There are many different and subtle ways to change your look.

The first thing people notice about a mans garment is his shirt collar, the knot of the tie, and the shoulders of his jacket. But one thing that people overlook is a pocket square – so get on it and add some style to your outfit today.




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