Blue & Orange Paisley Silk Pocket Square


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Blue & Orange Paisley Silk Pocket Square

This beautiful Ornate Baby Blue Paisley Silk with purple border Pocket Square is elegant, flamboyant yet refined. It’s perfect for summer!

The ornate design draws in the eye and can be folded in many ways and styles to complement your outfit.

A classic design for a classic man.

  • 100% Silk
  • Hand Made
  • Sewn Hem
  • 34cm x 34cm
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Gift Boxed


How to correctly fold and wear a Pocket Square

With the recent wonderful upsurge in Gentlemen?s attire, classic accessories such as?Pocket Squares?are making a comeback. No more is the breast pocket of a man?s suit a place to hang a pair of sunnies or stuff some business cards.
We?re delighted! We at Manly Stuff always try to look our best, and are happiest when making you, our readers, look your best.
The following is a quick guide to three of the most popular pocket square folds ? you really don?t need any more.

Pocket Square Guidelines

Don?t leave your suit bare! A suit without a?pocket square?isn?t a suit at all. It?s a shell. An empty, sad, lonely shell.
You don?t want that do you? No, we didn?t think so. Read on my man.
The addition of?pocket square?adds some panache to a good suit, you need to be careful mind, it?s easy to mess up.


Colour co-ordinating your pocket square

A?pocket square?can be patterned or solid. If you?re wearing a crisp white shirt, a crisp white pocket square will do the job 99% of the time, especially in a business environment.
A white pocket square can go with any colour tie.
The general guideline is that the pocket square colour should complement some colour on your tie. If your tie has some red, a rock solid red pocket square will look great.
Try to avoid matching colours or patterns exactly; it?ll look like you?re trying too hard. We don?t want that.

1 review for Blue & Orange Paisley Silk Pocket Square

  1. William Meara

    The pocket square is just what I was looking for. It’s great to see such craftware for male grooming in one place. I look forward to trying out some other accessories in the future.

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