Luxury Printed Tie – Aqua Medallion


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Luxury Printed Tie – Aqua Medallion

A printed tie should form the basis of every classic wardrobe. This is a beautiful printed tie with a wonderfully intricate design. Perfect for a Wedding or more casual occasion, it will brighten up any ensemble with it’s intricate design and bright medley of colours.

Bring a new interest to your accessories and wear it with a formal shirt and suit for a board-room ready look.

  • Self tipped
  • 3 Fold Construction
  • Available in 8x147cm
  • Polyester
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Mens Ties Ireland  -Aqua Medallion Tie


Throughout history, ties have been worn at different lengths, dictated directly by the edicts of each era’s prevailing fashion. Today’s sweet spot is just at the top of or half way down the belt. Never too far above the belt, sometimes you can wear a bit below the belt if going for that ‘sprezzatura’ style.


Many men mistakenly believe that the modern look is narrow or semi-narrow ties, but there is a rule of thumb that dictates the width of your tie at its widest, should be the same as the width of your jacket’s lapel. Please refer to the illustration below.


Beyond the actual appearance of the ties, there are other matters to consider when making your selections. We have tried to make your choices more manageable by discussing the characteristics of the various materials that our ties are made from.


Silk is a soft lustrous fibre produced by silk worms. This natural material makes the tie drape perfectly where it hangs. Silk ties have unique colourations and wonderful light reflections, they can be ironed but at the lowest heat setting only.In comparison, silk ties are more expensive than other materials.Silk is less resistant to water and stains.It is wiser to store silk ties in a rolled up coil than on a tie rack.


Polyester is resistant to both water and stains.Very resistant to curling up.Polyester ties are less fragile than silk and hold there colours well over their lifetimes.Much less expensive, costing as little as half of what you would pay for a silk tie.
Polyester does not breathe, unlike natural materials do, so on hot summer days you can get a damp and sticky feeling around your neck.
Polyester does absorb odours such as those of smoke and sweat.Polyester does not wrinkle which is a good thing because that synthetic material absolutely abhors heat sources, especially from an iron.


Natural cotton is a material that breathes well so that it is suitable for anytime of year.
Fleecy cotton material. They can easily lose its shape and curl upward.


Either woven or knitted, wool ties drape very well. Somewhat resistant to moisture.
There are many qualities of wool available but the higher ends, such as cashmere wool, can be a little pricey.
Because of their natural warming properties they are more appropriate for the cooler times of the year


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