Untipped Hand Rolled Wool Tie – Light Blue Medallion


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Untipped 3-folded Wool Tie With Hand Rolled Edges. – Light Blue Medallion

A very luxury handmade and hand-rolled untipped tie, made in Milan with the finest wool from Lake Como.

Untipped ties often have a degree of ‘show-through’ at the blade that is a subtle indicator that the wearer is a clothing enthusiast. All of our untipped ties offer a subtle elegant knot. They are lighter to wear, have a more flexible drape and are more playful. Their airy character makes them ideal for warmer climates and if made of loose weaved fabrics such as silk grenadine they allow a remarkable see through effect.

If you have never tried a seven-fold or untipped tie, I would recommend it as it is a relatively inexpensive way of adding some true luxury into your wardrobe. They are also superb for adding a little sophistication to less-formal combinations of soft collared shirts and knitwear.

  • Made by hand in South of Italy
  • Width: 9 cm (≈3.15 inches)
  • Length: 150 cm (≈59 inches)
  • Construction: 3-Fold
  • Material: 100% wool – Woven in Italy
  • Handrolled blades
  • Untipped
  • Label: Hunter Treacy Tailors

Only 1 left in stock

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Untipped Ties – What are they?

Our hand-rolled ties are beautiful pieces of luxury in your hand. Each untipped wool tie is made entirely by hand in Italy, not machine made. Each tie is made with such detail that it takes weeks to make a batch of these. Untipped ties are unlined, ours have a cotton internal layer to ensure it’s not overly light.

The quality of these ties is unparalleled in Ireland and they’re exceptional quality and great value price ration.

Lightweight tie, perfect for everyday wear. Hand-woven in Italy from a vibrant Italian fabrics. Springy interlining, two layers (wool + cotton). Casual Italian semi lined construction. Finished with hand-rolled edges.

Untipped ties are those where the back of the blade tips have not been closed with fabric whereas self-tipped ties have their blade tips closed with the same fabric used for making the tie.

Most tie makers use a synthetic or other material fabric, sometimes printed or woven with the brand’s name, as a tipping fabric, which is a clear sign of cost reduction. Ties with a different tipping fabric other than the upper fabric are called tipped ties.

Today the majority of ties are self-tipped and only very few tie makers can afford to offer untipped ties.

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