No. 10 Pre-Shave Protector


Try shaving during or after a hot shower, it’ll help soften your beard/stubble and prepare the skin for your shave. Whilst showering, leave your brush to soak in some hot water, it’ll help. Trust us.

1. Scrub yo face fool! A clean fresh face is the standard. Do it.

We recommend cleaning your face with a scrub first, it’s the best way to start your shave and your day.

2. Apply a pre-shave oil or balm.

We suggest the Truefitt & Hill Number 10 Pre-Shave Balm ,it’s a really slick gel that provides plenty of glide for your razor without clogging up the blade. It’s designed to protect the skin from the razor blade whilst softening your whiskers.

Proraso’s product offering is legendary.

Work some of the balm into your face before shaving.

3. Apply Shaving Cream/Soap

Now that your skin is supple and clean as a whistle, get your brush and get latherin’!

Coat the whiskers of the brush with a soap or some cream and then work into a lather on your face or in a bowl.

This creates a brilliant lather which will help the shaving experience like no other.

Apply the lather to your face with said brush as if you were painting, solid strokes. Using a brush helps exfoliate the skin and lift the hairs from your face for a closer shave.

You’re on your way to the smoothest shave you’ll experience today.

4. Shave

Shave with the grain, across if you can handle it but rarely against,shave7

we’ve covered this here in more detail.




Shaving against the grain is the main cause for irritation and razor burn. Change your blade regularly, if it starts snagging or becomes too much of an effort to shave, change that bad boy up!



5.Soothe and Moisturise

After shaving, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores of the skin. Pat the skin dry and apply a soothing and moisturizing aftershave balm.

Truefitt and Hill Aftershave Balms contain natural moisturisers such as aloe vera. Perrrrrfect.

The Handmade Soap Company post shave Creams and Lotions are great for the skin!


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