Slant Bar DE Safety Razor - Chrome

This precision grooming tool is chrome-plated for corrosion resistant and longevity. It is a 2-piece double edge razor. This means the the top head piece unscrews from the based plate/handle. We decided it was time to get a Slant Head De Safety Razor to fully complete our DE Safety Bar Razor Offering. A Slant Head Safety Razor is intended for the more experience DE Safety Razor shaver as it is more unforgiving in technique and pressure than a standard DE Safety Razor. Our Slant Razors are made with a brass handle and a zinc alloy head. These razors are probably the best quality we've seen, weighing in at over 100 grams, it's a heavy razor with a very nice long handle. You'll absolutely love this slant razor and will be the perfect addition to your shave den!