Mens Anchor Bracelet

Our range of Mens Anchor Bracelet are excellent quality and a great accessory to add to your outfit.

Great for summer when wearing a nice blazer and the darker tones are perfect for winter.


Made from stylish cord. This bracelet is strong by its very nature. A great mix of blacks, blues and whites, it’s simple but effective.

To fasten it simply hook the black anchor through a loop in the strap. So easy, so simple and yet so cool.

The loop can easily be expanded or contracted, making the bracelet fit any wrist.

Browse our men’s bracelets for that extra special, unique gift in sterling silver or gold. Alternatively, if you like to experiment try layering different textures such as rope, cord and braided styles for a laid back beach vibe. Shop for details such as skulls and anchors to add a twist to a simple leather style.

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