Mens Candles Ireland – Manly Scented Eco Wax Candles

Mens Candles Ireland – Men no longer need to miss out on the joy of scented candles. We’ve curated this selection of Manly Candles in Ireland to the best candle fragrances that any man will enjoy burning at home. Gentlemen, it’s time to discover the perfect candle for your home…

There has been a serious lack of candles with manly scents, well you can rest assured that Manly Stuff are on the case! We’ve taken our most popular scents such as Lemongrass & Eucalyptus,  Tobacco & Vanilla, Pine & Peppermint and Tuscan Leather.

Times have changed, and the preconception that candles are just for women is no longer true. Many men are now discovering and enjoying the warm glow and enriching scent burning candles can provide to their home and work spaces.

For men, burning a candle at home is often an extension of their personal taste in wearable fragrances, and with stinky gym clothes and other not so lovely man smells to cover, candles are the grown up choice for gentlemen to up-level their bachelor pad.

Our mens candles are all handmade in Ireland using Eco Soy Wax. Our manly candles are made in West Cork. Our range of scents are luxury, subtle and very relaxing. Think an Oak lined library with a globe that opens up to a fine collection of Whiskey, smoking a cigar beside the fire in a large leather armchair.

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